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FAQ - U10

U10 Soccer

What's the game schedule like for Boys / Girls? Day & time?
  • Girls U10 - Sat 9am
  • Boys U10 - Sat 10:15am
Where is the "Home field?" 
  • Home Field is Rockland.
How much "travel" is involved?
  • 4 home games
  • 4 away games, most are within 30 minutes of Maynard, but there are the outliers like Tyngsboro and Townsend-Ashby
Notionally, when will the Fall/Spring season start?
  • Last Fall games started 9/12, so this year games probably start 9/10.  Practices at U10 probably would start the same week as school (depending on the coach, but 2-3 practices before the start of games sounds reasonable.
  • Spring Seasons start 1st or 2nd Saturday in April
How long is the season? Any pauses for holidays?
  • The season is 8 games, last Fall there weren't games on Columbus Day Weekend. 
What does a typical practice schedule look like?
  • Most teams  1 practice a week, either 5-6, or 6-7 (starts getting dark toward end of season).  
  • Possibility of an optional GU10 scrimmage on Friday nights for all GU10 teams
How many per side?
  • The Nashoba League is changing to 7v7 for U10 (6 field players + a goalie) - to align with the US Soccer changes.
Any field or laws changes?
  • No field size changes
  • May not get a 2nd chance on foul throws.
How long are the games & how are they divided, i.e.: halves? quarters?
  • The games are 2- 30 minute halves with 5-10 minute half time (Coach can request a very quick water break in middle of the halves on hot days