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FAQ - U8

What is U8 (Under 8)?

  • U8 plays in an inter town league of Maynard and Hudson
  • U8 is NON-competitive and should be focused on teaching players the basics – it is not about winning games.

Who are the coaches?

  • An outside soccer organization (currently Mass Youth Soccer) provides U8 with a small group of paid coaches and lesson plans. 
  • Parent volunteer coaches are also utilized, and work directly with the Mass Youth Soccer coaches.

How competitive is it?

  • The main goal for U8 is to teach the kids the basic skills of soccer in fun and engaging methods. At this age it is important to incorporate not only some basic soccer skills, but also basic social interaction skills. 
  • Final Score is recorded, but the most important thing is that ALL PARTICIPANTS have the most fun possible.

What's the schedule like for Boys / Girls? Day & time?

  • Practices are held on Friday evenings with parent volunteer coaches and assisted by Mass Youth Soccer coaches.   
  • Games are played on an 8 week session schedule that runs on Sunday afternoon (Fall & Spring) at Rockland Avenue field in Maynard with no games over the Columbus Day/Memorial Day Weekends.

How much "travel" is involved?

·       A typical season will include playing half the games at Maynard and half the games against our opponents at Hudson.

When will the spring start?

·       Games will start on 4/22/17

·       Typically, practices for U8 will start the week before games begin.  Coaches will contact you with practice info as soon as the fields have been opened by the town of Maynard for recreational use.

How many per side?

·       For the spring 2017 season, it will be 6v6 for U8 (5 field players + a goalie).

·       This may change to in the future to align with US Soccer changes.

Any field or laws changes?

·       No field size changes

·       May not get a 2nd chance on foul throws.

How long are the games?

·       The games are 4 - 12 minute quarters with a 5 – 10 minute halftime.  (Coaches can request a very quick water break on hot days)

What do I need for equipment?

·       Uniform shirt (typical sizes for U8 are: Youth Medium or Youth Large), uniform shorts and         black soccer socks.

·       Shin guards are a requirement.  Players will not be allowed to practice or play in games         without them.

·       Shin guards must be worn under socks. 

·       Soccer cleats are optional but recommended.

·       U8 will be leveraging a size 3 soccer ball

Current schedule can be found here: U8 boys and girls schedule