Becoming a Referee

Want to become a referee?

If you are interested in become a referee for Maynard Youth Soccer (MYS) you must meet the following requirements:

1)     You are at least 12 years old (to referee MYS U8 matches in Maynard).

2)     You are at least 14 years old (to referee MYS U10, U12, U14, U16 NVYSL matches)

3)     Have a basic understanding of the Laws of the Game.

4)     Are willing to undergo the required training and maintain your certification each year.


The following steps are required to be eligible to referee for MYS:

1)     For 12 & 13 year olds:  Take the MYS Developmental Referee-in-Training seminar (offered by MYS).

2)     For 14 year olds and older:  Take the Grade-8 entry level referee certification course with the Massachusetts State Referee Committee (MSRC -

3)     After completing the appropriate certification, register to be added to the Maynard referee pool with the MYS Referee Coordinator.

4)     Obtain a referee uniform.

Taking the MYS Developmental Referee-in-Training seminar

(Must be 12 yrs. old and younger than 14 as of the start date of the Fall/Spring seasons): 

This program is for MYS registered U12 and U14 players that meet the age requirements above and want to learn refereeing.  The candidates that pass the training will be put in a pool of MYS Developmental Referees and mentored as they learn refereeing through participation in MYS U8 matches during the spring and/or fall seasons.  MYS offers this seminar only on an as needed basis prior to the start of the season.  A notice asking for interested candidates will be sent by the MYS Referee Coordinator to the MYS registered U12 and U14 players, and the seminar will be filled on a first-come / first-served basis.  The number of candidates that can be accommodated is limited.

Taking the Grade 8 referee certification course with MSRC

(Must be 14 yrs. old by start of season in April or September):

Referees who are assigned NVYSL matches by Maynard Youth Soccer are certified by the Massachusetts State Referee Committee (MSRC).  MSRC certification is a requirement to referee for any youth soccer organization/league that is registered and insured through Massachusetts Youth Soccer.  To certify go to the MSRC website at and register for a grade 8 “Entry Level” certification course.  Grade 8 referees are 14 years old and older. 

A couple of important points about MSRC courses:

1)     The courses are offered in winter (December to March) and again during summer (July to August).

2)     Courses fill up quickly, so plan ahead to find the course location and date that works best for you.

3)     Certification is good for one year (The Registration year runs from January 1 to December 31, regardless of when you take the class).

4)     Upon completion you will receive a patch from United States Soccer Federation (USSF) with your grade and year of certification.

 Register with the MYS Referee Coordinator:

After you complete the MYS Developmental Referee-in-Training program you will automatically be registered with the MYS Referee Coordinator as a Referee-in-Training

After you complete the MSRC / USSF Grade-8 certification you should register as a Maynard referee by emailing the MYS Referee Coordinator, (open board position).  Provide the referee coordinator with the following information:

1)     Name

2)     Age

3)     Date of MSRC Course (completed or planned date of course)

4)     Email address

5)     Phone Number

After completing the appropriate certification (based on your age), and registering with the MYS Referee Coordinator, you will be added to the MYS referee database.  You will then receive important MYS referee news along with emails asking for your availability to work matches during the season.

For USSF certified Referees, you will be assigned matches through the Arbiter Sports online system. An account will be assigned to you and you are required to update your profile and calendar indicating when you are available as well as block dates/times when you are unable to work.  The MYS Referee Coordinator assigns matches through the Arbiter system and you will receive an email when matches are assigned to you.  It requires that you respond within 48 hours to accept matches to work.

MYS will reimburse you for the cost of the MSRC certification class.  This is done after Week 4 of the season.  Submit the class receipt with amount paid to the MYS Referee Director

Obtain a uniform:

The uniform is an important part of your tool kit when working as a referee for MYS.  The uniform requirements for Grade-8 referees assigned to NVYSL Travel matches consists of a yellow referee shirt, black shorts, referee socks (black, to the knee, with three white stripes), a whistle and a wristwatch with stopwatch function.  Hand-held stop watches (in hand, or worn around the neck), cell phones, iPods, iPads are not acceptable time keeping devices.  Uniforms can be obtained at local sporting goods stores such as Soccer Stuff in Acton or the Natick Outdoor Store.  There are also many online sites to purchase a uniform. 

The referee uniform requirements for MYS Developmental Referees is a MYS Referee shirt (provided by MYS), black shorts, referee socks (black, to the knee, with 3 white stripes), a whistle and watch with stopwatch function.  Hand-held stop watches (in hand, or worn around the neck), cell phones, iPods, iPads are not acceptable time keeping devices.

Referee Assignments:

MYS Developmental Referees will receive mentoring as they referee U8 matches.

New Grade 8 referees will work with the MYS Referee Coordinator to determine the appropriate competition level to begin their referee career.  New referees typically begin with U10 matches before moving to the U12 matches as an Assistant referee and then to take on the center referee role as the season progresses.