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GRADE 1 & 2 FAQs

What is 1/2 (Grades 1 and 2)?

  • 1/2 is a co-ed league for kids in 1st and 2nd grades.

  • Teams are mixed gender, and divided into teams of equal ability (each team will have both 1st and 2nd graders).  

  • 1/2 is NON-competitive and should be focused on teaching players the basics – it is not about winning games.


Who are the coaches?

  • Parents volunteer to coach the teams.   Ideally each team has two or more coaches to share the responsibility.

  • MYS provides objectives and lesson plans to existing coaches.

  • The once a week practice is held for all teams at the same time, so coaches can learn from each other.  

How competitive is it?

  • The main goal for 1/2 is to teach the kids the basic skills of soccer in fun and engaging methods. At this age it is important to incorporate not only some basic soccer skills, but also basic social interaction skills. 

  • Final Score is not recorded, but the most important thing is that ALL PARTICIPANTS have the most fun possible.

What's the practice and game schedule?

  • Practices are held on Friday evenings.   

  • Games are played on an 8 week session schedule that runs on Sunday mornings (Fall & Spring) at Fowler field in Maynard with no games typically over the Columbus Day/Memorial Day Weekends (coaches will communicate the specific game schedule for a session).

How much "travel" is involved?

  • None. All games are played among the Maynard teams with no out of town travel anticipated.

When will the Fall/Spring seasons start?

  • Fall season typically starts the Saturday after Labor Day

  • Spring Seasons typically start the 2nd Saturday in April

  • Your child’s coach will notify you of the exact start date


How many players per side during games?

  • The goal is 4v4 with no goalies to maximize the amount of touches by kids.

  • Whether we are able to do this during a session is dependent on getting enough parents to sign up to coach.

How long are the games?

  • The games are 4 - 12 minute quarters with a 5 – 10 minute halftime.  Coaches can request a very quick water break on hot days.


What do I need for equipment?

  • Uniform shirt (typical sizes for 1/2 are: Youth Medium or Youth Large), uniform shorts and black soccer socks.  These are ordered when registering to play.

  • Shin guards are a requirement.  Players will not be allowed to practice or play in games without them. Shin guards must be worn under socks. 

  • All jewelry must be removed during games.

  • Soccer cleats are optional but recommended.

  • A size 3 soccer ball.

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