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Maynard Youth Soccer provides recreational soccer for children ages 5 and above.

Tiger Cubs

A friendly and non-competitive way for Kindergarten age kids to learn soccer. Held on Sunday mornings, MYS provides a veteran coach who provides lesson plans and directions to parent coaches.  The emphasis is teaching kids some basic skills in a fun and friendly manner. 

Each week ends with a scrimmage where the coaching points of the week are re-enforced and kids play in teams against each other.

Grades 1 and 2 Soccer 

The goal for the 1-2 division is to introduce basic fundamental soccer skills to our players.  In practices, we work on building individual skills and introducing some basic team concepts like positioning.  Our games allow the kids to experience playing with a referee.  At the 1-2 level we play 4 on 4 (no goalie) and rotate positions so everyone gets an equal chance to play and experience every position.  Currently, we play our games on Sunday mornings and hold practices once a week on Friday evenings.   

Grades 3/4, 5/6 & 7/8 Soccer
Grades 3 and above teams play in the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL). Teams play competitively against other teams from other towns. We have teams in both recreational and more competitive Nashoba Cup (NCup) and Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC) leagues.

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