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GRADE 3 & 4 FAQs

What's the game schedule like for Boys / Girls? Day & time?

  • Girls 3/4 - Sat 9am

  • Boys 3/4 - Sat 10:30am


Where is the "Home field?" 

  • Home Field is typically either at the fields on Rockland Avenue or the soccer fields at Fowler School.

How much "travel" is involved?

  • 4 home games

  • 4 away games, most are within 30 minutes of Maynard, but there are the outliers like Tyngsboro and Townsend-Ashby

When will the Fall/Spring seasons start?

  • Fall season typically starts the Saturday after Labor Day

  • Spring Seasons typically start the 2nd Saturday in April

  • Your child’s coach will notify you of the exact start date

How long is the season? Any pauses for holidays?

  • The season is 8 games.

  • Fall season typically does not have games on Columbus Day weekend.

  • Spring season typically does not have games on Memorial Day weekend. 

How are teams formed?

  • Coach evaluations from previous seasons and a field evaluation process held in June of each year are used to group the kids based on ability into teams for the fall season.

  • Spring teams are formed based on the fall end of season coach evaluations, or if child registered for the spring did not play in the fall, based on the coordinator and coach’s knowledge of those kids.

  • This is not an exact science and while forming teams this way takes more effort and is difficult to do, we believe placing kids on teams with kids of similar ability gives everyone the best opportunities to develop.  

What does a typical practice schedule look like?

  • Most teams have two evening practices a week, typically an hour long (commonly in the time range of 5-7pm, with times potentially varying based on daylight).  

  • The days of the week for the practices are selected by the coach based on field availability and their schedule.  

How many players per side for games?

  • 7v7 for 3/4 (6 field players + a goalie).

How long are the games & how are they divided, i.e.: halves? quarters?

  • The games are 2- 30 minute halves with a five minute half time (Coach may also request a very quick water break in middle of the halves on hot days)

What size Soccer Ball is required?

  • Size 4 (all kids need their own ball for practice).

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