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What is Tiger Cubs?

  • Tiger Cubs is a non-competitive entry level soccer division which participates in, and follows all guidelines and bylaws of Maynard Youth Soccer. 

  • Participation is open to Pre-K and Kindergarten aged students.


Who is eligible?

  • The eligibility guidelines for participation are based on school age. Players must be age 4 by September 1st of the current year. Kindergarten and Pre-K players will be on separate teams.

Who are the coaches?

  • MYS provides a Tiger Cubs coordinator who brings a lesson plan and reviews/instructs parent coaches on implementation of the lesson plan prior to the start of the practice.

  • Each team has a minimum of two volunteer parent coaches who work directly with the MYS Tiger Cubs coordinator.

How competitive is it?

  • The main goal for Tiger Cubs is to teach the kids the basic skills of soccer in fun and engaging methods. At this age it is important to incorporate not only some basic soccer skills, but also basic social interaction.

  • Final Score is never recorded, and the most important thing is that ALL PARTICIPANTS have the most fun possible.

How long is the season, when does it start?

  • Tiger Cubs utilizes an 8 week session schedule that runs on Sunday mornings (Fall & Spring) from 9:00am to 10:15am (subject to change per season).  The location for the Sunday events is announced prior to the start of the season (typically at the Fowler Middle School).

  • If a session is ever cancelled due to inclement weather, the session is moved to the end of the season if possible (weather permitting during the fall season).

  • It usually starts the same week as the grade 1/2 and higher teams (typically 2nd week of April in spring, first week of September in fall). Parents of registered kids will be notified of the exact start date as the session approaches.

Is there a uniform and what equipment is required?

  • All kids are provided a soccer ball in the fall season

  • T-shirts are provided at the start of each season (fall and spring)

  • Kids should come with a water bottle

  • Shin guards are a requirement and must be worn on the inside of the socks

  • Soccer cleats are not a requirement but recommended.   Baseball cleats (identified by a cleat in the top center of the shoe bottom) are not allowed. 

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