(applies to all players and families, especially Grades 3/4 and above)

MYS will adhere to all guidelines published by the State of Massachusetts and MA Youth Soccer.  These guidelines and the detailed restrictions for youth soccer are still being defined.  We will be sharing this information with you as it becomes available.  


We expect that all age groups will return to a more traditional 8-week season (typically during April, May, and June).  There will be no indoor practices held at the start of the season. The exact dates for the season are still to be determined and will likely not be finalized until we get further guidance from the State.  

It is our expectation that players will be required to wear a mask at all times for all soccer related activities (much like in the Fall).  We are also expecting that MYS will be required to enforce participant and spectator limits similar to what was established in the Fall. We will ask for your cooperation in these and all other related areas!  


Tiger Cubs (Kindergarten-aged children): This will likely take place on Saturday or Sunday mornings (one or the other, not both). 

Grades 1/2: Will likely have one practice on a weeknight and play games on weekends (in town competition only). 

Grades 3-12: Will practice weeknights (frequencies and durations vary) with games on weekends ("travel", competitive play).  The league format is still to be determined.  Please understand that several topics such as postseason play, division structure, pod play vs. full travel are all being extensively discussed at the league level, but no firm decisions have been made.  

Safety and the health of the community continue to be paramount. As such, below are further details regarding the season:

  • Release - Each individual who participates in the season hosted by Maynard Youth Soccer will need to sign a Release. This includes all Players, Coaches, Officials, Volunteers, and Spectators regardless of your level of participation. If you are unwilling to sign the release then you will not be allowed to participate.  Parents/Guardians are expected to sign the Release on behalf of each Player/child under the age of 18.

  • Wellness & Being Responsible - If you, or your Player, has a fever or other signs of a possible illness please do not come to the session. MYS reserves the right to ask any individual who appears ill to leave the grounds.

  • Attendance - MYS will take attendance for each session. This is necessary for contact tracing. Please be sure to sign in each time you enter the field. If there is a COVID case identified in our soccer community, all teams and individuals who had contact with the infected individual will be suspended from play for 14 days.  Other teams/cohorts who were not in contact will not have any suspension in activities.  Please note, if there is a COVID case, MYS will follow guidance from local public health officials.  Efforts will be made to contact all individuals who came in contact with the infected individual, but MYS will not identify the infected individual.

  • Masks - All participants must wear a face mask.  Players must keep a mask with them at all times.    Players must wear masks while at play; however, any mask being worn while in play cannot be looped around the players neck or head. Only masks attached around the ears will be allowed during play (for players, gaiters are not allowed).

  • Equipment - As with prior seasons, each Player needs to bring the following items with them to each practice and game – ball, water bottle, cleats, and shin guards. In addition, each player will also need to bring a face mask, and hand sanitizer.  Please apply sunscreen prior to the session.  Equipment cannot be shared.

  • Social Distancing - All participants must socially distance at all times.  Players will be socially distanced on the field during practice, and all coaches, officials, and volunteers will adhere to social distancing guidelines unless it is absolutely necessary to violate them (safety issues).  To help maintain social distancing while on MYS grounds, MYS will have designated entrances, exits and one direction walk-ways.  Please follow all signage while upon MYS grounds.

  • Teams/Cohorts - MYS will establish groupings at the beginning of the season and the players will remain together for all sessions.  We will not move players between teams and there will be no “pick up” type play.

  • Participant Limits - MYS will follow the state mandated limit for number of individuals gathering at each practice or game. The total person count includes all Players, Coaches, Volunteers, and Officials/Board Members.  MYS reserves the right to limit the number of individuals on the field or on the grounds for each session to ensure we maintain these limits. No Spectators will be allowed on the playing field.

  • Player Drop Off & Pick Up - Dropping off Players for practice allowed and encouraged. However, we ask that you please wait for your Player to be checked in for each session before leaving. We will confirm each Player has a Release on file, a face mask, and equipment before you drive-off.  Additionally, due to the strict limits on the number of people allowed on the grounds at a time. It is important that you promptly pick up your Player from their scheduled session to assist us in staying within the limits.

  • Practice Times & Buffers - MYS will stagger the practices to limit the number of individuals on the fields and grounds at any time. We ask that Players, Coaches, Volunteers and Spectators only appear during their designated session times to allow us to operate within the set limits.

  • Car Pooling - Car pooling is strongly discouraged, and we ask that it only be used when absolutely necessary (safety issues).

  • Community - It will be the responsibility of all of us to be mindful and respectful if we are going to be successful this Spring.  This will truly take a community wide approach.  We ask all of our players, parents, families, coaches, and volunteers to do their part.  The MYS Board is incredibly excited that we are able to return to competitive play this Spring.  Please help us by staying positive and being safe.  If you are willing to volunteer please come forward.

  • Coaches - As always, MYS will rely heavily on our volunteer coaches to make this season a success.  We recognize that this season we will lean on our coaches more than ever.  Please know that we will NOT be expecting coaches to police compliance to these MYS guidelines.  The primary responsibility of coaches will be to manage the soccer environment and teach the game.  Our Board and other volunteers will be available to assist coaches in other areas.  If you are willing to coach please come forward.

  • Team COVID Coordinators - This Spring each team/cohort will have a designated Team COVID Coordinator.  This person will be responsible for communicating with their team/cohort and providing any guidance or clarification related to the COVID guidelines.  Our designated MYS COVID Safety Officer will coordinate across all team COVID coordinators.  If you are a parent and willing to volunteer to be a team COVID coordinator then please come forward.

  • Patience - We ask for your patience as we navigate the return to competitive soccer this Spring. This is the first time the Board of Directors, Coaches, and Volunteers have organized a session under strict guidelines from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Town of Maynard, Massachusetts Youth Soccer and US Youth Soccer.  We reserve the right to modify these rules or guidelines in any way we see fit to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our participants.

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